The European Mosaic: Contemporary Politics, Economics, and Culture

David Gowland, Richard Dunphy, Charlotte Lythe
Prentice Hall Financial Times, 2006 - 594 pagina's
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The European Mosaic 3e

"The European Mosaic" is an up-to-date introduction to all aspects of the politics, economics, culture and recent history of the European Union in particular and Europe in general. "The European Mosaic "effectively familiarizes students with EU issues that are currently in the news and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. It is a clear and accessible introduction to the European polity.

Its strongly interdisciplinary focus provides a multidimensional understanding of contemporary Europe, of the process of European integration, and of the dynamics of the European Union.

Effective and thoughtful features like Key facts, Key Concepts, Key Opinions and Debates, Biographies, and numerous tables, diagrams, photos, drawings and cartoons, will ensure students enjoy and engage with a complex subject.

For any student of European politics, there is in-depth coverage of:

- The Euro

- The EU constitutional treaty

- Economic reform (CAP, British rebate)

- EU/USA relations

- Integration and expansion

- EU institutions

- The workings of the European Union

To further enhance student understanding of Europe, "The European Mosaic "contains detailed treatment of individual European states, Russia and Turkey included, focusing on:

- Political parties

- Systems of government

- Voting behavior

- Political ideology

- Major policy areas

David Gowland, lecturers at Dundee University and has written extensively about European integration.

Richard Dunphy teaches at Dundee University and is a prolific writer and researcher on Irish politics, and politics of gender and sexuality.

Charlotte Lythe, an economist, has published extensively on the Scottish economy. Her principal interests lie in the field of regional economics with special reference to regional policy in the European Union.

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Richard Dunphy teaches at Dundee University.

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