Tools for Thought: How to Understand and Apply the Latest Scientific Techniques of Problem Solving

Basic Books, 1977 - 250 pagina's
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Drawing on general systems theory, operations research, cybernetics, futures research, and catastrophe theory, a distinguished geneticist provides the general reader with tools for perceiving and solving today's complex economic, social, and ecological pr

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Robert West,Ainsley Hardy
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JSTOR: Tools for Thought
Printed in Great Britain Book Selection Edited by J. HOUGH ch WADDINGTON: Tools for Thought 1137 cb TILANUS (Editor): Quantitative Methods in Budgeting 1138 ... sici?sici=0160-5682(197811)29%3A11%3C1137%3ATFT%3E2.0.CO%3B2-9

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Rosenfeld Media is a publishing house dedicated to developing short, practical, and useful books on user experience design. Our books will explain the ... zeitgeist/ book/ detail/ 21/ tools-for-thought

Tools for thought : Waddington, ch, Jonathan Cape, 1977. Price ...
Downloadable (with restrictions)! Author(s): Curnow, RN. 1979 Abstract: No abstract is available for this item a/ eee/ agisys/ v4y1979i1p74-76.html

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Tools for Thought, ch Waddington This was the first book I know of that was aimed at explaining complex systems to regular folks. ... personal/ weblogs/ ?feed=rss2& p=2130

In Search of Resonance
it in his book Tools for Thought (1979). They break with habitual modes of. thinking. ..... Tools for Thought. Basic Books, London. Robert L. Flood ... index/ W671655735661J5H.pdf

Tools for thought : how to understand and apply the latest scientific techniques of problem solving / C. H. Waddington ; illustrated by Yolanda Sonnabend. ... ipac20/ ipac.jsp?session=1EK756073D988.9017& profile=hq& uri=link=3100014~!246081~!3100001~!310000...

Over de auteur (1977)

C. H. Waddington (1905-1975) was a world-class biologist, paleontologist, geneticist, embryologist, and philosopher. He is credited with helping to create the field of systems biology. He is the author of numerous books, including New Patterns in Genetics and Development, Principles of Development and Differentiation, and The Ethical Animal.

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