The Dada Reader: A Critical Anthology

Dawn Ades
Tate Pub., 1 jan. 2006 - 320 pagina's
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The revolutionary artistic and political movement, Dada, emerged amid the unprecedented carnage of the First World War. This work provides a selection from key Dada texts, ideal for anyone interested in one of the most influential movement's of the 20th century.

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Review: The DADA Reader: A Critical Anthology

Gebruikersrecensie  - David Williamson - Goodreads

A tad repetitive. Dada is nonsensical, which is a bit difficult to explain, discuss, define, without resorting to nonsense, contradiction and general silliness. This can make reading a little difficult as there are gems in here, but a lot of over the top dross. Volledige recensie lezen

Review: The DADA Reader: A Critical Anthology

Gebruikersrecensie  - Ian - Goodreads

this is my next theatre project! to make this into a theatrical event- im just starting but its a collection of poems, rants, stream of conciousness writing, manifestos, and poems from the dada ... Volledige recensie lezen


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Over de auteur (2006)

DAWN ADES is Professor of Art History and Theory at the University of Essex. She pioneered the study of Latin American art in the United Kingdom and has also published widely on Dada, Surrealism, and photography.

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