Landscape And Memory

Vintage Books, 1995 - 672 pagina's
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Opening a radically new and original path into history, Simon Schama explores the scenery of our Western culture, both real landscapes and landscapes of the mind that have given us our sense of homeland, the dark woods of our imagined origins. What unfolds is a series of compelling journeys through space and time; from the ancient woodland of Poland, a symbol over the centuries of national endurance, through the forest birthplace of the German psyche, to the Big Trees of Yosemite that gave a new nation its holy past. Through all of history, from pre-classical antiquity to the Third Reich and beyond, Schama uncovers the myths and memories that have stamped themselves on our most basic social instincts and institutions; territorial identity, the wild and domestic, mortality and immortality.

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This book is extremely well researched. - Goodreads
The book is packed with revelations and insights. - Goodreads
Level of scholarship and detail remarkable. - Goodreads
Great ideas buried inside alot of extra writing. - Goodreads
... used passages for research. - Goodreads

Review: Landscape And Memory

Gebruikersrecensie  - Jesse - Goodreads

An impressive read. Schama certainly knows what he's talking about and he knows what he can talk about. He has numerous examples of how landscape invokes memory, how memory is contained in certain ... Volledige recensie lezen

Review: Landscape and Memory

Gebruikersrecensie  - John Caviglia - Goodreads

A wonderfully compendious, leisurely, ultimately compelling ramble through art, literature and intellectual history, making the point that we see “Nature” through “Culture” (or, in Schama's word ... Volledige recensie lezen

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Over de auteur (1995)

Simon Schama is Old Dominion Professor of the Humanities at Columbia University.  He is the author of Citizens, Dead Certainties and An Embarrassment of Riches.  Simon Schama lives in New York with his wife and their two children.

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