The Written Poem: Semiotic Conventions from Old to Modern English

Cassell, 1998 - 184 pagina's
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This text discusses the visual and graphic conventions in contemporary poetry in English. It defines contemporary poetry and its historical construction as a 'seen object' and uses literary and social theory of the 1990s to facilitate the study. In examining how a poem is recognized, the interpretive conventions for reading it, and how the spacial arrangement on the page is meaningful for contemporary poetry, the text takes examples from individual poems. There is also a focus on changes in manuscript conventions from Old to Middle English poetry and the change from a social to a personal understanding of poetic meaning from the late 18th through the 19th century.

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Review by Komninos Zervos The Written Poem - Semiotic Conventions from Old to Modern English Rosemary Huisman Continuum, 1998 RRP $AU 38.47 ISBN 0 304 ... cgi-bin/ wa?A2=ind0009& L=poetics& D=0& T=0& P=176085

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The written poem: semiotic conventions from Old to Modern English. Huisman R (1998) London: Cassell Academic. This book defines a focus of interest: ... publications/

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In The Written Poem: Semiotic Conventions from Old to Modern English,. Rosemary Huisman poses two questions: one, what is the origin and ... cgi/ reprint/ 79/ 1/ 131.pdf

Over de auteur (1998)

Rosemary Huisman is Honorary Associate Professor in the Department of English, University of Sydney, where she was also Head of Semiotics until 2003. Her research brings together contemporary literary, semiotic and linguistic theory in the exploration of textual production and interpretation in different media, discourses and genres. A practising poet, she has produced major publications on the semiotics of poetry, from Beowulf to contemporary Australian writing.

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