A World History of Art

Laurence King Publishing, 2005 - 936 pagina's
11 Recensies
Over two decades this art historical tour de force has consistently proved the classic introduction to humanity's artistic heritage. From our paleolithic past to our digitised present, every continent and culture is covered in an articulate and well-balanced discussion. In this Seventh Edition, the text has been revised to embrace developments in archaeology and art historical research, while the renowned contemporary art historian Michael Archer has greatly expanded the discussion of the past twenty years, providing a new perspective on the latest developments. The insight, elegance and fluency that the authors bring to their text are complemented by 1458 superb illustrations, half of which are now in colour. These images, together with the numerous maps and architectural plans, have been chosen to represent the most significant chronological, regional and individual styles of artistic expression.

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Review: A World History Of Art

Gebruikersrecensie  - Keith Climpson - Goodreads

The main text for my Fine Art Degree - heavy going at times but as comprehensive as you can get on the History of Art from day dot. A must have for any art scholar. Volledige recensie lezen

Review: A World History Of Art

Gebruikersrecensie  - Mavi - Goodreads

a must (read have and own) book for artholics ...awesome no no its great Volledige recensie lezen

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Cave Art 27
The Early Civilizations 40
Early Dynastic 54
Middle Kingdom 63
Mycenae and the Mainland 71
The Aztecs 513
The Islamic World 524
Mughal Art and Architecture 536
China 545
The Influence of Zen Buddhism 558
New Beginnings in Rome 568
The Easel Painting in Italy 578

The Hittites 80
New Kingdom Architecture 88
Assyria and Babylon 95
Iran 102
The Americas 109
Nok Culture 115
The Male Nude 121
The Parthenon 126
Naturalism and Idealization 138
The Late Classical Period 146
Allegory 173
Roman Architecture 185
The Colosseum and the Invention
Late Antique Art 207
The Image of Buddha 224
Hindu Art in India 230
Buddhist and Hindu Art in Sri Lanka
Confucian Daoist and Buddhist Art
Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties 265
Landscape Painting 272
The Heian Fujiwara and Kamakura
Abbasid Art and Architecture 342
Samanid and Seljuk Architecture 348
Romanesque Architecture in Italy 362
Innovations in Romanesque Architecture
High Gothic 380
Economics and Theology 387
Italian Gothic 393
Secular and International Gothic 408
Protestant Art 463
Harmony Unity and Raphael 469
Poussin and Claude 585
Dutch Painting 591
Still Life and Genre 600
The Rococo in Germany and Italy 616
Tiepolo Guardi and Canaletto 619
Canova and David 630
Romanticism 640
Gericault 646
Blake 652
In which Style should we Build? 662
Millet 669
Photography Comes of Age 681
Painters and Patrons under the Qing
Japonisme 712
Rodin 720
Domestic Architecture 728
The North American NorthWest
The Fauves and Expressionism 774
Orphic Cubism 789
Suprematism and the Founding of De Stijl
America and the Precisionist View 803
European Survivors 840
Photographic Imagery 848
Questioning Modernism 872 pjcture
Video and the PostMedium
The New Museums of Art 908
Globalization Sensation
Stelae 145

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