A Companion to the Philosophy of Technology

Wiley, 30 mrt. 2009 - 592 pagina's
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Drawing on essays from leading international and multi-disciplinaryscholars, A Companion to the Philosophy of Technology is thefirst comprehensive and authoritative reference source to cover thekey issues of technology’s impact on society and our lives.
  • Presents the first complete, authoritative reference work inthe field
  • Organized thematically for use both as a full introduction tothe field or an encyclopedic reference
  • Draws on original essays from leading interdisciplinaryscholars
  • Features the most up-to-date and cutting edge research in theinterdisciplinary fields of philosophy, technology, and theirbroader intellectual environments

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Over de auteur (2009)

Jan Kyrre Berg Olsen has a Ph.D. in Science Studies andteaches Theory of Science at the Faculty of Public Health,University of Copenhagen. He is the editor of various publications,including a Danish anthology on the concept of “time”in science and Philosophy of Technology: 5 Questions (2007).

Stig Andur Pedersen is Professor of Philosophy of Scienceat Roskilde University. He has published numerous papers on topicssuch as mathematical logic, mathematical modeling in biology,foundational studies of mathematics and physics, and philosophy ofmedicine and engineering. He is also the co-author of Philosophyof Medicine (1990) and has co-edited several volumes.

Vincent F. Hendricks holds two doctoral degrees inphilosophy, is Professor of Formal Philosophy at RoskildeUniversity, and the winner of the Danish Elite Research Prize 2008.His work has been influential on modern mathematical andphilosophical logic and concentrates primarily on bringingmainstream and formal approaches to epistemology together. He isthe author of numerous texts and papers in this field.

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