A Lexicon Abridged from Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon

Harper & brothers, 1891 - 831 pagina's

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The little Liddell. I prefer it to the Middle Liddell because it's easier to cram in a backpack and take to class. It covers all the ground of the Bauer New Testament Lexicon without limiting you to the authors' translational preferences. It's a no-nonsense text that works. Volledige review lezen

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Enormous lexicon. Detailed and extensive notes on each word. Many quotes included. Volledige review lezen

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Pagina 442 - Particle, used to distinguish the word or clause with which it stands from something that is to follow,
Pagina 91 - the crumb or inside of the loaf, on which the Greeks wiped their hands at dinner, and then threw it to the dogs.
Pagina 461 - any art over which the Muses presided, esp. music or lyric poetry set and sung to
Pagina 3 - a mounted courier, such as were kept ready at regular stages throughout Persia for carrying the royal despatches.
Pagina 397 - fell inside the basin, and the sound was clear, it was a favourable sign. The game was played in various ways.
Pagina 342 - the ancient witches used to bind it to a wheel, which they turned round, believing that they drew men's
Pagina 483 - a covered colonnade in gymnasia or schools of exercise, where athletes exercised in winter,•
Pagina 397 - vogue at the drinking.. parties of young men at Athens. The simplest mode was
Pagina 457 - the mother of the Muses; because before the invention of writing memory was the Poet's chief gift.
Pagina 142 - a Council of Elders, Senate, esp. at Sparta, where it consisted of 28.

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