Behind the Scenes of the 'Banyamulenge Military': Momentum, Myth and Extinction

Editions L'Harmattan, 8 okt 2019 - 264 pagina's
Behind the Scenes' book intends to contribute to raise awareness on the recent history of the Democratic Republic of Congo where Banyamulenge, specifically the military, had gained momentum and widely discussed in literature and Medias. It recapitulates key incidents in which commanders have seemingly been targeted and killed under unclear circumstances. The monograph tries to go behind the scene to understand what happened and why were they specifically targeted. Therefore, the book tends to question this momentum and see it rather as a myth that led to extinction of innocent soldiers and commanders. Nonetheless, the discussion in this book aims at keeping these stories alive ; thus, unveiling the commitment of young people who fell on the battlefi eld while claiming their rights. These young people have been challenged by political loopholes within the 'Elite Class'.

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