Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs: Natural Supplements to Support Healthy Living and Graceful Aging

Assisi Bio Press, 20 sep. 2016 - 94 pagina's
Pain, Anxiety, Inflammation, Cancer, Seizures every day we hear of new applications for cannabis. But does this apply to pets? Canine expert Caroline Coile walks you through 30 years of documented research on therapeutic applications for cannabis with animals and introduces you to pioneering new CBD products specifically designed for pets. Learn about legal, safe, and veterinarian-approved cannabis products for dogs, and their potential health applications for your pet. A natural solution to improve your dog's quality of life.

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Over de auteur (2016)

Caroline Coile, Ph.D., is the best-selling author of Barron's Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds, an inductee in the Dog Writers Association of America Hall of Fame and winner of eight Maxwell Medallion Awards. She writes the monthly Breeder's Notebook column for Dog World magazine and the bi-monthly Nutrition column for the AKC Gazette, and has served on the AKC Canine Health Foundation President's Council. Caroline holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from FloridaState University, and has served as a canine consultant to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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