Capoeira and Candomblé: Conformity and Resistance in Brazil

Markus Wiener Publishers, 2005 - 317 pagina's
Capoeira is a unique music-dance-sport-play activity created by African slaves, and Candomble is a hybrid religion combining Catholic and African beliefs and practices. And while there are numerous books on Candomble and kindred Afro-American religions, none of them effectively combines Candomble and Capoeira. Actually, Capoeira and Candomble are closely tied to one another. Together, they make up a coherent form of life in Brazil within the current process of globalization about which there has been much ballyhoo, eulogies, and condemnation. This study involves the author's practice of and reflections on the arts of Capoeira and Candomble; it culminates in the idea of an ""other logic,"" an alternative culture ""logic,"" about which much lip service is being paid in academic circles, with little to no concrete details. This book, consequently, is one of a kind insofar as it bears on the interdependency of two Afro-Brazilian practices while grounding them in a theoretical framework and at the same time interrelating them with topics of great concern in the initial years of a new millennium: post-colonial and diaspora studies.

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