China and the West: Hope and Fear in the Age of Asia

Bloomsbury Academic, 25 aug. 2015 - 320 pagina's
China sees its relations with the West as absolutely crucial to its future. This wider relationship, between the new world and the old, is changing the global political and economic landscape. But can Europe and China overcome their cultural and political differences to develop a relationship of trust? Here, experienced journalist Fokke Obbema travels through Europe and China and speaks with dozens of entrepreneurs, students, experts and politicians. He shows how mutual relations are affected by a feeling of superiority on both sides, and sheds light on the thousands of interactions between people in finance, politics, economics and education. Above all he shows how a fear of China has permeated the discourse, and that we should instead take a balanced view of the future of China relations, even be excited by the change which is coming. Apart from anything else, the west could be on the brink of another financial disaster - What if the Chinese Don't Come?

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Over de auteur (2015)

Fokke Obbema is a journalist for the influential Dutch daily De Volkskrant and an expert on China and Chinese relations with the West.

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