Cornelis Drebbel en zijne tijdgenooten

P. Noordhoff, 1922 - 138 pagina's
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Pagina 77 - ... you have, either out of your muskets or any engine that you have; and to make them and multiply them more easily and with small force, by wheels and other means, and to make them stronger and more violent than yours are, exceeding your greatest cannons and basilisks.
Pagina 78 - Doctor, do offer of an instrument to sink ships; he tells me that which is more strange, that something made of gold, which they call in chymistry Aurum Fulminans, a grain, I think he said, of it, put into a silver spoon and fired, will give a blow like a musquett, and strike a hole through the silver spoon downward, without the least force upwards; and this he can make a cheaper experiment of, he says, with iron prepared.
Pagina 35 - To see a strange out-landish Fowle, A quaint Baboon, an Ape, an Owle, A dancing Beare, a Gyants bone, A foolish Ingin move alone, A...
Pagina 55 - tis to be had let's the liquor ply ; The drainers are up, and a coile they keep, And threaten to drain the kingdom dry. Why should we stay here, and perish with thirst; To th...
Pagina 73 - I'll shew you, sir. It is an automa, runs under water, With a snug nose, and has a nimble tail Made like an auger, with which tail she wriggles Betwixt the costs of a ship, and sinks it straight.
Pagina 77 - We represent also ordnance and instruments of war and engines of all kinds; and likewise new mixtures and compositions of gunpowder, wildfires burning in water and unquenchable; also fireworks of all variety, both for pleasure and use.
Pagina 72 - Generalls and Captaines, or Leaders of Men, as well by Sea as by Land.
Pagina 88 - August. I went to Dr. Keffler, who married the daughter of the famous chymist, Drebbell, inventor of the bodied scarlet. I went to see his iron ovens, made portable (formerly) for the Prince of Orange's army : supped at the Rhenish Wine-House with divers Scots gentlemen.
Pagina 78 - A way from a mile off, to dive and fasten a like engine to any ship, so as it may punctually work the same effect either for time or execution.
Pagina 34 - XCVII On the new Motion SEE you yond' Motion? Not the old Fa-ding, Nor Captayne Pod, nor yet the Eltham-thing; But one more rare, and in the case so new: His cloke with orient velvet quite lin'd through, His rosie tyes and garters so ore-blowne, By his each glorious parcell to be knowne! He wont was to encounter me, aloud, Where ere he met me; now hee's dumbe, or proud.

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