Corporate Hegemony

Greenwood Press, 1989 - 206 pagina's

With the continuing consolidation of corporate holdings through wave after wave of mergers and acquisitions, the ubiquitous power of major corporations is of increasing concern from both a practical and a theoretical standpoint. In this study Dugger approaches corporate power as an institutional phenomenon. Through his sharply focused analysis, he traces the development of U.S. corporate hegemony and explores the impact of the big corporation's social dominance in every aspect of contemporary life.

The author begins with an examination of the nature of the corporate behemoth, its values and behavior, inner contradictions, drive for economic power, and its unrestricted control of the global market economy. He looks at the underlying dynamics of the corporation's drive for control and the various processes through which its values, meanings, and motives are imposed. These processes include coercion, contamination, subordination, emulation, and mystification. Dugger shows how the careerism corporations demand systematically draws energy and commitment away from family, community, and other spheres of life, thus corroding their meaning and value. He studies the impact of corporate power on the family, schools and colleges, unions, churches, communities, the state, and the media, and demonstrates how each of the power mechanisms is used to devalue and hollow out these institutions. Dugger argues that the social vacuum this creates is being filled by the big corporations. Unique in its institutional approach to the rise and spread of corporate power, "Corporate Hegemony" makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the crisis of pluralism in the West.

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WILLIAM M. DUGGER is Professor of Economics at DePaul University, Chicago. His publications include Radical Institutionalism(Greenwood Press, 1989), An Alternative to Economic Retrenchment as well as articles in Journal of Economic Issues, Review of Social Economy, and other scholarly journals.

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