Countering Violent Extremism: The International Deradicalisation Agenda

Bloomsbury Academic, 22 apr. 2021 - 256 pagina's
Terrorism and radicalisation are increasingly dominating sociological, political and cultural concerns. This book explores how the problems causing violent extremism are local, and therefore, so are the solutions. The concept of countering violent extremism delivers community and youth developmental projects as a process of social engineering that aims to discourage, disengage and de-incentivise vulnerable young people on the verge of radical political views. Countering Violent Extremism aims to understand the concept of countering violent extremism from a global perspective using case studies from different countries, while examining the host of issues it carries.

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Over de auteur (2021)

Tahir Abbas is currently Assistant Professor at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University in The Hague and Visiting Senior Fellow at the Department of Government at the LSE. Previously, he was a Senior Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute and Professor of Sociology at Fatih University in Istanbul. Abbas is also a former Home Office Senior Research Officer. His recent books include Islamophobia and Radicalisation (2019) and Political Muslims (2018, co-ed. with S Hamid). In the last three years, he has carried out research for the Government of Canada, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the UK Commission for Countering Extremism.

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