Counterinsurgency: FM 3-24 (2006)

Paladin Press, 1 apr. 2007 - 284 pagina's
This is the new U.S. military counterinsurgency (COIN) manual on how to combat organized movements that seek to overthrow governments through subversion and armed conflict. Coauthored by Army General David Petraeus and Marine Corps General James Amos, this manual -- the first of its kind published in 20 years by the Army and 25 years by the Marine Corps -- gives the latest information about the tactics, doctrine and goals of dealing with violent insurgencies. The manual describes methods and principles that can be applied to COIN operations anywhere, although it's obvious that events in Iraq and Afghanistan are what have prompted its creation. Many of the examples refer to other insurgencies throughout history (e.g., IRA, Bolsheviks, Vietnam) to illustrate key points. A carefully crafted mix of historical studies and contemporary experience, this manual is sure to become the standard by which COIN doctrine and tactics will be judged for many years.

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Over de auteur (2007)

Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus is the four-star Army general in command of all U.S. forces in Iraq in 2007.

Lt. Gen James F. Amos assumed command of II Marine Expeditionary Force in July 2004, after having commanded the Third Marine Aircraft Wing and been deployed with it for Operations Iraqi Freedom I and II.

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