Culture, Institutions, and Economic Development: A Study of Eight European Regions

Regions are increasingly recognized as a key aspect of economic change in Europe, not merely as geographic spaces but also as social systems. Their history, culture, institutions and patterns of leadership mould the way in which they adapt to European and global competitive challenges. This work reviews the debate surrounding the construction of regions and presents eight case studies to illustrate how they shaped and reshaped in a variety of different ways. The authors find that while some regions exhibit common patterns, there are significant variations, indicating that there is no definitive model of regional development.

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Catalonia and Galicia
Flanders and Wallonia
Brittany and Languedoc

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Over de auteur (2003)

Michael Keating, Professor, University of Aberdeen, John Loughlin, Fellow of Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford, Emeritus Fellow of St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge and Emeritus Professor of Politics, Cardiff University, UK and Kris Deschouwer, Professor of Political Science, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

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