Descent to the Goddess: A Way of Initiation for Women

Inner City Books, 1981 - 111 pagina's
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Pioneer study of the need for an inner female authority in a masculine-oriented society. Interprets the journey into the underworld of Inanna-Ishtar, Goddess of Heaven and Earth, to see Ereshkigal, her dark sister. So must modern women descend into the depths of themselves. Rich in insights.

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Fascinating study of the Sumerian Inanna-Ishtar myth and her descent into the underworld to Ereshkigal, her dark 'sister.' The author present a journey of feminine initiation. Some discussion of ... Volledige review lezen


Qualities of the Feminine
Qualities of Ereshkigal

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Perera earned her M.A. in psychology from C.G. Jung Institute in New York.

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