Dutch: An Essential Grammar

Routledge, 24 feb 2017 - 286 pagina's
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Now in its 10th edition, Dutch: An Essential Grammar is a reference guide to the most important aspects of modern Dutch as it is used by native speakers.

Features include:

  • A brand new chapter on negation;
  • A user-friendly style to ensure all elements of the language that are of particular difficulty to English speakers are adequately explained;
  • ‘Let’s Try That’ sections in each chapter containing sample exercises;
  • More examples and cross-referencing throughout, and a comprehensive glossary and index at the back of the book;
  • Full use of examples given throughout illustrating modern usage.

Dutch: An Essential Grammar is the ideal reference source both for those studying Dutch independently and for students in colleges, universities and adult classes.


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The plural
Present tense and word order
subject and object
Possessive adjectives and pronouns
reflexives and indefinite
The future the continuous the present participle
Colloquial speech and writing
Separable and inseparable prefixes
Conjunctions and relative pronouns
position of the verb in the sentence
The word er prepositional compounds

The verb hebben and zijn and the imperative
Numbers and dates currency and measurement
lweakm verbs
lstrongm verbs
Some irregular verbs the past perfect tense
Modal auxiliaries verbs plus infinitive
The passive voice
Idiomatic usages of some common verbs
Word formation and derivation
Strong and irregular verbs in common
Key to the exercises
DutchcEnglish vocabulary

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Over de auteur (2017)

William Z. Shetter is Professor Emeritus at Indiana University, U.S.A. He has been an author for Dutch: An Essential Grammar since its first publication and is also author of The Netherlands in Perspective: The Dutch Way of Organizing a Society and its Setting (2nd edition 2002).

Esther Ham is a senior lecturer and director of the Dutch Program at Indiana University, U.S.A. She is Director of Online Education for all foreign languages for the university Center for Language Excellence. Her previous publications include the basic language method books, Help: Kunt U mij even helpen? (2001), books 1 and 2.

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