Emma's War

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 23 nov. 2011 - 416 pagina's
Emma McCune’s passion for Africa, her unstinting commitment to the children of Sudan, and her youthful beauty and glamour set her apart from other relief workers from the moment she arrived in southern Sudan. But no one was prepared for her decision to marry a local warlord—a man who seemed to embody everything she was working against—and to throw herself into his violent quest to take over southern Sudan’s rebel movement.

With precision and insight, Deborah Scroggins—who met McCune in Sudan—charts the process by which McCune’s romantic delusions led to her descent into the hell of Africa’s longest-running civil war. Emma’s War is at once a disturbing love story and an up-close look at Sudan: a world where international aid fuels armies as well as the starving population, and where the northern-based Islamic government—backed by Osama bin Laden—is locked in a war with the Christian and pagan south over religion, oil, and slaves.

A timely, revelatory account of the nature of relief work, of the men and women who choose to carry it out, and of one woman’s sacrifice to its ideals.

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What happens when an aid worker gets romantically and politically involved in the field? This is the true story of Emma Mccune, a British worker in Sudan, whose romance and marriage to a Sudanese ... Volledige review lezen

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Fascinating- the author does a great job of sequencing background information about Emma, interview with colleagues and friends from different times in her life, and presenting the actual events as ... Volledige review lezen

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Deborah Scroggins has won six national journalism awards for her reporting from Sudan and the Middle East. A former correspondent for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she has published articles in Granta, The Independent, Playboy, and elsewhere. She lives in Atlanta.

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