Geoscience Atlas of Svalbard

Winfried K. Dallmann
Norsk polarinstitutt, 2015 - 292 pagina's
"Geoscience Atlas of Svalbard is an outreach project that aims to provide information about geosciences in Svalbard to a broad group of potential users. Data from many geoscientific disciplines are collected in an atlas and presented in thematic maps, photographs and charts with concise explanations. The disciplines covered are physical geography, ocean and sea ice, geomorphology and Quaternary geology, glaciers, historical geology, bedrock geology, tectonics and structural geology, geophysics, geochemistry of superficial deposits, georesources, as well as a brief overview of infrastructure and management. Target groups are researchers, students, teachers, administration (Governor, directorates, ministries), as well as scientific interested tourists and the public."--Norwegian Polar Institute website, viewed February 5, 2016.

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