Hand Lettering: Simple, Creative Styles for Cards, Scrapbooks and More

Lark Books, 2009 - 127 pagina's
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If you think creating beautiful and graceful calligraphy requires years of training and a closet full of fancy pens and exotic inks, think again! Here, the authors explain how anyone can use simple tools and materials found in ordinary craft stores, as well as Q-tips, sponges, and other common items, to produce outstanding results. They provide examples of a dozen alphabet styles, as well as many decorative details. Color photography reveals more than merely the necessary brush and pen techniques--it also shows a vast range of ideas for using calligraphy in new and surprising ways.

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Good beginner's book

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Touches on several different styles. Good beginners book, not as interesting for the more advanced calligrapher. Covers the basics. Volledige review lezen

Over de auteur (2009)

MARCI DONLEY is a career calligrapher for the Supervisors of Los Angeles County. Highly experienced in paper crafting, painting, and collage, she has co-authored several books on creating greeting cards and calligraphy.

DEANN SINGH has been teaching calligraphy for more than 25 years. She has created custom lettering work for movie and television props, including for television’s Charmed and the movie National Treasure, Book of Secrets.

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