Image of the People: Gustave Courbet and the 1848 Revolution

Thames and Hudson, 1982 - 208 pagina's
'Image of the People' is a noteworthy discussion of the work of Gustave Courbet in the years directly after the 1848 revolution. Showing how complex Courbet's intuition of the social and political issues of the time really was, the book also reveals how exactly appropriate were the pictures he painted for the Salon of 1851 - the Burial at Ornans, the Stonebreakers and the Peasants of Flagey.

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Over de auteur (1982)

T. J. Clark is George C. and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Art History Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of "The Painting of Modern Life" (Princeton), "The Sight of Death," and "Farewell to an Idea," and the coauthor of (with "Retort") "Afflicted Powers.

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