Islamic Populism in Indonesia and the Middle East

Cambridge University Press, 5 feb. 2016 - 228 pagina's
In a novel approach to the field of Islamic politics, this provocative new study compares the evolution of Islamic populism in Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, to the Middle East. Utilising approaches from historical sociology and political economy, Vedi R. Hadiz argues that competing strands of Islamic politics can be understood as the product of contemporary struggles over power, material resources and the result of conflict across a variety of social and historical contexts. Drawing from detailed case studies across the Middle East and Southeast Asia, the book engages with broader theoretical questions about political change in the context of socio-economic transformations and presents an innovative, comparative framework to shed new light on the diverse trajectories of Islamic politics in the modern world.

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Islamic politics and the emergence of a new Islamic populism
historical legacies
paving the way
dissent from the fringe
the Indonesian Darul Islam movement and its heirs
a pathway to power?
a pathway to power?

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Over de auteur (2016)

Vedi R. Hadiz is Professor of Asian Societies and Politics at Murdoch University, Western Australia, and Director of its Indonesia Research Programme. An Indonesian national, he was recipient of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (2010-14). Professor Hadiz received his Ph.D. from Murdoch University in 1996. He taught in the Department of Sociology at the National University of Singapore from 2000 to 2010 before returning to Murdoch University. His other books include Localising Power in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia: A Southeast Asia Perspective (2010), Workers and the State in New Order Indonesia (1997) and, with Richard Robison, Reorganising Power in Indonesia: The Politics of Oligarchy in an Age of Markets (2004). He is co-editor or editor of several books including Between Dissent and Power: The Transformation of Islamic Politics in the Middle East and Asia (2014) and Empire and Neoliberalism in Asia (2004). His articles have appeared in such journals as Development and Change, the Journal of Development Studies, Pacific Review, Pacific Affairs, Third World Quarterly, the Journal of Contemporary Asia, Democratization, Critical Asian Studies, Indonesia, New Political Economy, and Historical Materialism. He has held senior visiting positions at universities and research centres in France, the Netherlands, Japan and Indonesia.

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