Jung's Map of the Soul: An Introduction

Open Court Publishing, 1998 - 244 pagina's
Earlier surveys of Jung's ideas have been difficult to follow; or have lacked unity. Murray Stein gives us the whole formidable sweep of Jung's thought, presenting Jung as simultaneously a dedicated scientist, a creative artist, and a seer in the tradition of Eckhart and Blake.

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LibraryThing Review

Gebruikersrecensie  - vpfluke - LibraryThing

This book is a pretty good introduction to the depth psychology of Carl Jung. This is not a dry psychology textbook, but a pretty interesting read. Stein takes into the psyche thorugh talking about ... Volledige review lezen

Review: Jung's Map of the Soul: An Introduction

Gebruikersrecensie  - Margaret - Goodreads

Interesting over. Stein's take on Jung's theories. I'm learning just enough about Jung to know that it's hard to say definitively what "Jung's theories" really are, so approach any book that claims to "know" with caution. This one falls someone in the middle of that stectrum. Volledige review lezen


The Relation of Ego to Consciousness
The Location of the Ego
Psychological Types
Personal Freedom
Reaching the Unconscious
The Complexes
Levels of the Unconscious
Psychic Images
Gender and Anima and Animus
The Development of the Animaus
Raising Consciousness with Animaus
Sexuality and Relationships
Jungs Experience of the Self
Jungs Definition of the Self
Symbols of the Self
The Self as Central Mystery of the Psyche

Personality Fragments
The Structure of Complexes
The Eruption of Complexes
Sexuality and Libido
The Transformation of Psychic Energy
Physics as a Model
The Source of Energy
Measurement of Psychic Energy
The Unity of Body and Mind
Energy Movement and Direction
Transformations and Symbols
Archetypes Psychic Universals
The Unconscious
The Relationship between Archetypes and Instincts
The Egos Shadow
The Making of the Shadow
The Persona
The Two Sources of the Persona
Persona Development
The Personas Transformations
Integrating Persona and Shadow
Defining Anima and Animus
The Psychological Lifespan
The Five Stages of Consciousness
A Case Study in Individuation
The Movements of the Self
Patterns in Chaos
Developing the Idea of Synchronicity
Synchronicity and Causality
Synchronicity and Archetypal Theory
Mind and Matter
Absolute Knowledge
A New Paradigm
2 The Populated Interior The Complexes
3 Psychic Energy Libido Theory
4 The Psyches Boundaries Instincts Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
5 The Revealed and the Concealed in Relations with Others Persona and Shadow
7 The Psyches Transcendent Center and Wholeness The Self
8 Emergence of the Self Individuation
9 Of Time and Eternity Synchronicity

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