Minimum Color Vision Requirements for Professional Flight Crew Part III , Recommendations for New Color Vision Standards

General Books, 2011 - 52 pagina's
Original publisher: Washington, DC: Federal Aviation Administration, Office of Aerospace Medicine, [2009] OCLC Number: (OCoLC)495783252 Subject: Air pilots -- Medical examinations. Excerpt: ... M C V r P f C, iniMuM olor ision equireMents for rofessional light rew art eCoMMendations for ew olor ision tandards P iii: r n C V s aviation accidents have high social and economic 1.0 introduCtion costs, especially if the accident involves large passenger aircraft. rigorous safety standards have been established occupational color vision standards were introduced-over decades to decrease the probability of aviation ac in aviation in 1919 by the aeronautical commission of cidents. an important strategy in achieving high levels the International civil air navigation authority. these of safety in aviation is to build redundancy in equipment-standards re?ected both the needs and the methods avail and the interpretation of signals and other information able for color vision assessment at the time. concern has by pilots and other personnel. color is used extensively been expressed during the last few years that the current to code information in the aviation environment, and jar ( joint aviation requirements ) color vision standards-pilots are normally expected to have good color dis may be too stringent and, at the same time, also variable. crimination. even when other cues are also available, the the tests employed do not always re?ect the tasks pilots ability to use color information increases redundancy, -encounter in today's aviation environment. an examina and in some tasks, this improves considerably the level tion of current standards and techniques employed to-of visual performance that can be achieved. Some acci assess color vision requirements suggests the need for a dents have been linked to loss of color vision ( national more uni?ed color vision test to provide a measure of color. there is also some transportation Safety board, 2004 ) vision loss that relates...

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