Mrs. Rundell's Domestic cookery

Thomas Nelson., 1859 - 343 pagina's

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Pagina 80 - ... spoiled, it may often be made fit for eating, by nicely cleaning it, and washing with vinegar and water. If there is danger of birds not keeping, draw, crop, and pick them ; then wash in two or three waters, and rub them with salt. Have ready a large sauce-pan of boiling water, and plunge them into it one by one ; drawing them up and down by the legs, that the water may pass through them. Let them stay five or six minutes in ; then hang them up in a cold place.
Pagina 18 - To take off the wing, put your fork into the small end of the pinion, and press it close to the body ; then put in the knife at d, and divide the joint, taking it down in the direction d, e.
Pagina 88 - Scrape and cut the carrots thin, strain the soup on them, and stew them till soft enough to pulp through a hair sieve or coarse cloth; then boil the pulp with the soup, which should be of the consistency of pea-soup.
Pagina 132 - As the size increases, the under part gradually opens, and shows a fringed fur of a very fine salmon-colour; which continues more or less till the mushroom has gained some size, and then turns to a dark brown. These marks should be attended to, and likewise whether the skin can be easily parted from the edges and middle. Those \ that have...
Pagina 200 - ... salt, a grate of nutmeg, and the least bit of lemon-peel. Boil gently for a few minutes to the consistency you like ; it should be such as you can drink, though tolerably thick. This conveys great nourishment in small compass.
Pagina 59 - Then take it up ; and without withdrawing the spit, cut it down the back and belly, lay it into the dish, and chop the sage and bread quickly as fine as you can, and mix them with a large quantity of fine melted butter that has very little flour. Put the sauce into the dish after the pig has been split down the back, and garnished with the ears and the two jaws ; take off the upper part of the head down to the snout. In Devonshire it is served whole, if very small ; the head only being cut off, to...
Pagina 26 - Soak them in warm water half an hour, then scrape and clean ; and if to bo dressed white, boil them in milk and water ; when tender serve them in a napkin, with egg sauce. The salt must not be much soaked out, unless for fricassee.
Pagina 199 - Tapioca.- — Choose the largest sort, pour cold water on to wash it two or three times ; then soak it in fresh water five or six hours, and simmer it in the same until it becomes quite clear ; then put lemon juice, wine, and sugar.
Pagina 114 - ... lay a little of it at the bottom of the dish, then put in the steaks prepared as above, and very well seasoned ; pour the remainder of the batter over them, and bake it. Mutton Pudding.
Pagina 205 - Orangeade, or Lemonade. Squeeze the juice ; pour boiling water on a little of the peel, and cover close. Boil water and sugar to a thin syrup, and skim it. When all are cold, mix the juice, the infusion, and the Syrup, with as much more water as will make a rich sherbet ; strain through a jellybag. Or squeeze the juice, and strain it, and add water and capillaire.

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