Nāze takhaiyal

Bazme-Ilmo-Fun International, 1999

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Gebruikersrecensie - Markeren als ongepast

"Several of his couplets are so enchanting that they keep the readers spellbound for days.This couplet vividly reminds one of Dagh Dehlavi. 'Khoob Ji Bhar Ke Sitam Aur Bhi Karlo Sahib 'Bat Rah Jati Hey Aur Waqt Guzar Jata Hey. Ehsan Sehgal has also shown mastery over the art of Arooz (poetry metre). He has come up with some innovation in this regard which is very pleasing.Each Ghazal and Rubai in the collection carries the name of the meter (Arooz) in which it has been composed.This is something unique and novel as I do not remember to have encountered any other book with this "Ehtemam".

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