Nail Structure and Product Chemistry

Thomson Delmar Learning, 2005 - 316 pagina's
There's only one place to find easy-to-understand, fact-based information about natural or artificial nails. Nail Structure & Product Chemistry, 2E is the only book of its kind available for those interested in learning more about this interesting topic. Easy-to-read and understand, this text brings together authoritative information from diverse fields including dermatology; toxicology; anatomy and physiology; chemistry; physics; and materials science. Authored by a leading research scientist in this field, the text serves as an informational guide for anyone interested in learning more about how and why professional nail products work; how to troubleshoot, understand and solve most common salon problems; why products sometimes don't work and how to avoid these problems; how to avoid product-related skin allergies; and more. The text contains an in-depth study of the natural nail, its various parts, and how they function together. In addition, it covers a wide range of topics helpful to the salon professional, including how to give clients trouble-free nails/services; nail polishes and treatments; the use of electric files; understanding and avoiding skin allergies; improving ventilation; and much, much more. This updated text includes discussions of new products, services, problems and misunderstandings in the filed and is a must-have resource for anyone interested in learning more about the science and technology of nails.

Over de auteur (2005)

Douglas D. Schoon has an MS in Chemistry and is currently the Vice President of Science & Technology at Creative Nail Design. Mr. Schoon is a frequent speaker at national beauty shows and conventions and has taught many workshops on nail structure and chemistry.

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