Net Mode: Web Fashion Now

Thames & Hudson, 2002 - 176 pagina's
The internet has quickly proved itself as an ideal and ever-expanding medium for use by high fashion. Laird Borrelli's sequel to her bestselling Fashion Illustration Now brings her unrivalled knowledge of the international scene to identify the sites that are most effective for the established big names, but also those that are playing to the strengths of the new medium to make an immediate impact from a small or previously non-existent base. Illustrated with exciting visual sequences throughout, Net Mode crystallizes a complex subject into three main themes, Fashion Image, Fashion Sale and Fashion Talk. Fashion defines the contemporary and is itself defined by constant change, qualities that are also shared by technology. This lively, beautifully designed but always informative survey will be an essential purchase for anyone in the fashion world, anyone interested in fashion, or anyone involved - creatively or commercially - with the Internet.

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Over de auteur (2002)

Laird Borrelli is a New York-based fashion analyst and historian. Borrelli's books include Fashion Illustration Now and Net Mode.

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