Numerical Analysis

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This well-respected text gives an introduction to the theory and application of modern numerical approximation techniques for students taking a one- or two-semester course in numerical analysis. With an accessible treatment that only requires a calculus prerequisite, Burden and Faires explain how, why, and when approximation techniques can be expected to work, and why, in some situations, they fail. A wealth of examples and exercises develop students' intuition, and demonstrate the subject's practical applications to important everyday problems in math, computing, engineering, and physical science disciplines. The first book of its kind built from the ground up to serve a diverse undergraduate audience, three decades later Burden and Faires remains the definitive introduction to a vital and practical subject.
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Review: Numerical Analysis

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Math 128A - Numerical Analysis; Jon Wilkening. Most of it. Standard text; easy to follow. Volledige review lezen


Mathematical Preliminaries and Error Analysis ...
Solutions of Equations in One Variable
Interpolation and Polynomial Approximation ...
Numerical Differentiation and Integration ...
InitialValue Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations ...
Direct Methods for Solving Linear Systems ...
Iterative Techniques in Matrix Algebra
Approximation Theory
Approximating Eigenvalues
Numerical Solutions of Nonlinear Systems of Equations ...
BoundaryValue Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations ...
Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations ...
Answers for Selected Exercises

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Richard L. Burden is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Youngstown State University. His master's degree in mathematics and doctoral degree in mathematics, with a specialization in numerical analysis, were both awarded by Case Western Reserve University. He also earned a masters degree in computer science from the University of Pittsburgh. His mathematical interests include numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, and mathematical statistics. Dr. Burden has been named a distinguished professor for teaching and service three times at Youngstown State University. He was also named a distinguished chair as the chair of the Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences. He wrote the Actuarial Examinations in Numerical Analysis from 1990 until 1999.

J. Douglas Faires, late of Youngstown State University, pursued mathematical interests in analysis, numerical analysis, mathematics history, and problem solving. Dr. Faires won numerous awards, including the Outstanding College-University Teacher of Mathematics by the Ohio Section of MAA and five Distinguished Faculty awards from Youngstown State University, which also awarded him an Honorary Doctor of Science award in 2006.

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