Ojibway Ceremonies

McClelland & Stewart, 28 jan. 2011 - 192 pagina's
Ojibway Ceremonies provides a unique and fascinating glimpse of Ojibway culture before its disruption by European civilization. It is the story of the Ojibway told through the ceremonies which dominated the most important occasions and stages of their existence. As a young boy grows up, we see him develop through his involvement in the many rituals so important to the Ojibway way of life. From the Naming Ceremony and the Vision Quest to the War Path, from the Marriage Ceremony to the Ritual of the Dead, we see the attitudes and beliefs of the Ojibway people come alive.

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Tobacco OfferingPeendaukoodjigewin
The Marriage Ceremony Weedigaendiwin 77
The Society of MedicineMidewewin 93
The Ritual of the DeadPagidaendijigewin 129
Appendix APetitions of the Midewewin 179

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