Super7 Operations

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When author and operational excellence consultant Menno R. van Dijk joined ING Domestic Bank in the Netherlands, the company had already been using the Lean system a few years. But van Dijk felt something was missing-the fun factor: experiments, improvements, a supportive management style, and teamwork. He wasn't seeing the sense of invigoration and renewal that comes when employees on the shop floor experience the improvement brought on by a Lean implementation.

He went to work and created a new approach-Super7-that took the Lean system in financial services to the next level. It radically reduced customer waiting times with less management and more responsibility on the shop floor. In Super7 Operations, he discusses Super7 in detail-how it was developed, what it does for customers, how it changes culture on the shop floor, and how it affects employees and managers. He explains its benefits, which include

flexible capacity to cope with fluctuating demand-no inventory, no waiting;

small, autonomous teams committed to getting the job done for their customers;

output management and delegated responsibilities; and

continuous improvement of performance without the need for tight controls.

Including case studies, this guide provides valuable tips and tricks for implementing Super7 in an organization that is looking for ways to improve their customers' experience.


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Menno R. van Dijk, MSc, currently an operational excellence consultant and trainer, earned a master's degree in engineering from Delft University of Technology. His innovative views on Lean and teamwork led to the development of Super7 Operations within ING. He and his wife, Angie, have two children and live near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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