The Cost Disease: Why Computers Get Cheaper and Health Care Doesn't

Yale University Press, 25 sep. 2012 - 288 pagina's
The exploding cost of health care in the United States is a source of widespread alarm. Similarly, the upward spiral of college tuition fees is cause for serious concern. In this concise and illuminating book,†well-known economist William J. Baumol explores the causes of these seemingly intractable problems and offers a surprisingly simple explanation. Baumol identifies the "cost disease" as a major source of rapidly rising costs in service sectors of the economy. Once we understand that disease, he explains, effective responses become apparent.

Baumol presents his analysis with characteristic clarity, tracing the fast-rising prices of health care and education in the U.S. and other major industrial nations, then examining the underlying causes of the phenomenon, which have to do with the nature of providing labor-intensive services. The news is good, Baumol reassures, because the nature of the disease is such that society will be able to afford the rising costs.

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If you know what Baumol's cost disease (or Bowen's curse) is then this book probably will not add very much--there are some interesting, insightful discussions but most of it is very basic, high level ... Volledige review lezen

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Nearly 50 years ago, William Baumol and William Bowen proposed an economic theory—the “cost disease”—to account for the fact that prices in service industries consistently rise so rapidly relatively ... Volledige review lezen


PART 2 Technical Aspects of the Cost Disease
PART 3 Opportunities for Cutting HealthCare Costs
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