The Cry of the Owl

Atlantic Monthly Press, 1989 - 271 pagina's
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This “extraordinary story” (Julian Symons) begins with an act of naive voy≠eurism. Robert Forester, a depressed but fundamentally decent man, liked to watch Jenny through her kitchen window—a harmless palliative, as he saw it, to his lonely life and failed marriage. As he is drawn into her life, however, the recriminations of his simple pleasure shatter the deceptive calm of this small Pennsylvania town. With striking clarity and horrible inevitability, Forester is caught up in a series of deaths in which he is the innocent bystander, presumed guilty. Highsmith has once again, as Graham Greene wrote, “created a world of her own—a world claustrophobic and irrational which we enter each time with a sense of personal danger.” And that sense of danger grows from the first page to the sinister and chilling conclusion.

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Gebruikersrecensie  - MelissaLenhardt - LibraryThing

I like Highsmith’s writing style thought I would have preferred a bit deeper characterization of the secondary characters. From a writing perspective, I’m not sorry I read the novel, but I won’t read it again. Full review. Volledige review lezen

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Gebruikersrecensie  - scot2 - LibraryThing

Good book. The main characters were mostly a bit strange if truth be told. I veered between feeling sorry for Robert and thinking he deserved it for being so ineffectual and indecisive. If Robert and ... Volledige review lezen


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Over de auteur (1989)

Patricia Highsmith wrote twenty-one novels including "Strangers on a Train" & the "Ripley" series. She died in 1995 in Switzerland, where she resided much of her life.

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