The Global Competitiveness Report 2004-2005

M. Porter, K. Schwab, X. Sala-i-Martin, A. López-Claros
Palgrave Macmillan UK, 13 okt. 2004 - 624 pagina's
The World Economic Forum continues its tradition of excellence with the 25th edition of the annual Global Competitiveness Report featuring the latest national statistics and results of the Executive Opinion Survey, which captures the perception of over 8,700 business leaders. The report provides the most comprehensive assessment of 104 developed and emerging economies. Produced in collaboration with a distinguished group of international scholars and a global network of over 100 leading national research institutes and business organizations, the report presents individual detailed country profiles highlighting the competitive strengths and weaknesses of each economy as well as an extensive section of data tables containing country rankings for over 160 indicators. The report also showcases the latest thinking and research on issues of immediate relevance for business leaders and policy-makers. The report provides a unique benchmarking tool for: ˇ Governments in identifying obstacles to economic growth and assisting in the design of better economic policies ˇ Businesses in developing business strategies and guiding investment decisions ˇ Academia in analysing an economy's current business environment and comparing against other economies ˇ Civil society organizations in learning more about how their country's competitiveness condition fares against others

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DANIEL KAUFMANN World Bank, USA. ARTHUR DAHL United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, Norway MARIO BLEJER Bank of England, UK ANDREW WARNER Millennium Development Corporation, USA. RICHARD COOPER Harvard University, USA. PETER HELLER International Monetary Fund, IMF, USA. STEFAN TANGERMANN Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, France WILLIAM EASTERLY New York University, USA. EMMA LOADES World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland JENNIFER BLANKE World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland.

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