Wanderers History's Great Migrations

Quercus, 7 jul. 2014 - 255 pagina's
From the movement of homo erectus out of Africa one million years ago to the Aboriginal settlement of Australia around 50,000 BC; and from the barbarian invasions of early medieval Europe to the diaspora of African slaves in the early modern period, the migration of peoples has been a critical motor of change throughout human history. The Great Migrations brings together 50 epic accounts of the mass movement of peoples. Each account not only describes the migration itself, but also examines in detail its causes and its short- and long-term consequences.The Great Migrations tells a multitude of stories - those of the discovery of new worlds, of flight from persecution, of nation-building, of colonisation, and of human courage and resourcefulness. Most of all, it tells the enthralling and multifaceted story of the human race itself.

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