The "Man Christ Jesus": The Humanity of Jesus in the Teaching of the Apostle Paul

Wipf and Stock Publishers, 17 jun. 2011 - 344 pagina's
Does the Apostle Paul have any use for the person of Jesus presented in the Gospels? Critical scholarship thinks not, but this book argues that Paul not only mentions more than seventy specific details of the historical Jesus, but he also commends the character of Jesus and echoes His teachings repeatedly in his letters and sermons-in full agreement with the Gospel accounts.
Stout examines Paul's intriguing description of the "Man Christ Jesus" (1 Tim 2:5) and suggests that this title fulfills the OT expectation of God appearing in human history as a man. In his incarnated humanity, the Man Christ Jesus accomplished salvation in the historical events of his life and death, and in his resurrected humanity, he appeared to Paul on the Damascus Road-rooting Paul's Christology deeply in human experience.
Furthermore, Stout shows how Paul rests his concept of salvation on a neglected aspect of his doctrine-that the entire church is associated with the historical events of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, an association which also unites his church with one another in fellowship and service. This book, then, demonstrates that Paul's gospel rests upon Jesus as a man of history who brings salvation into human history in his life, death, and exaltation as the "Man Christ Jesus."

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The Man Christ Jesus in the epistles of Paul
The Man Christ Jesus in the Presentation of Paul in the acts ofthe apostles
The Man Christ Jesus in association with his People
implications of The Man Christ Jesus in the Teaching of the apostle Paul

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Over de auteur (2011)

Stephen O. Stout serves on the Adjunct faculty of New Life Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina, and as Professor of Ministry at the Carolina Graduate School of Divinity in Greensboro. He also serves as pastor of the Shearer Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Mooresville, North Carolina. He has earned degrees from Columbia International University, Grace Theological Seminary, Westminster Theological Seminary, Covenant Theological Seminary, and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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