The Present State of Music in France and Italy: Or, The Journal of a Tour Through Those Countries, Undertaken to Collect Materials for a General History of Music

T. Becket, 1773 - 409 pagina's

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Pagina 312 - Ask where's the North? at York, 'tis on the Tweed; In Scotland, at the Orcades ; and there, At Greenland, Zembla, or the Lord knows where.
Pagina 217 - ... every hearer ; the learned and the ignorant, the friend and the foe. With thefe talents he went into Spain in the year 1737, with a full...
Pagina 98 - The better sort should set before 'em A grace, a manner, a decorum; Something, that gives their acts a light; Makes 'em not only just, but bright; And sets them in that open fame, Which witty malice cannot blame. For 'tis in life, as 'tis in painting: Much may be right, yet much be wanting...
Pagina 197 - Musical compositions are so shortlived in Italy, such is the rage for novelty, that for the few copies wanted, it is not worth while to be at the expense of engraving, and of the rolling-press.
Pagina 60 - Extremely lean old Gentleman ! " He complained of decrepitude, and said, He supposed I was anxious to form an idea of the figure of one walking after death. However, his eyes and whole countenance are still full of fire ; and though so emaciated, a more lively expression cannot be imagined.
Pagina 218 - Spain, it was determined that he fhould be taken into the fervice of the court, to which he was ever after wholly appropriated, not being once fuffered to fing again in public.
Pagina 290 - Pope offended at the supposed imposition of his composer, that, for a long time, he would neither see him, nor hear his defence. However, at length, the poor man got one of the cardinals to plead his cause, and to acquaint his holiness, that the style of singing in his chapel, particularly in performing the Miserere...
Pagina 220 - ... fo that he had a fecond life to begin, without the charms of youth to attach new friends, or his former talents to gain new protectors. He fays that Metaftafio and he were twins of public favour, and entered the world at the fame time, he having performed in that poet's firft opera. When he mewed me his.
Pagina iii - Italy: or, The journal of a tour through those countries, undertaken to collect materials for a general history of music. By Charles Burney . . . London, T.

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