The Satellite War: How New Instalations in the Arctic Areas Transforms the War

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 15 nov. 2011 - 212 pagina's
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Modern warfare is instantly getting more dependent of satellites - for intelligence. weapon guidance, communication and many other functions. Norways new ground stations close to the North- and South Pole have a uniquie strength - they can communicate with polar satellites more often than other ground systems in the world. At the same time Norway is obliged by international treaties not to use these areas for warlike purposes. Norwegian supervision related to these treaties do not control the content of the downloading av satelitte data. Journalist Bård Wormdal investigate the case: He speaks with the participants on all sides of the table, he traces what kind of satellites are using the ground stations, what kind of information they give, and he shows how vital the information is in modern warfare today, especially american.

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