The Unknown Patton

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A history and study of the life and career of General George S. Patton, Jr. This book contains a wealth of knowledge concerning portions of Patton's life that have not been explained in previous biographies. Learn the truth about the "slapping incidents," read about Patton's personal philosophy of life, war, and citizenship, and find out why the General was planning on resigning from the U.S. Army instead of simply retiring.

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Okay for reading while floating in the pool. I'm glad I only paid a nickel for it. Volledige review lezen

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Over de auteur (2009)

Charles M. Province is the president and founder of the George S. Patton, Jr. Historical Society. He is the author of "Patton's Third Army," "Patton's One-Minute Messages," "General Walker: The Man Who Saved Korea," and "Patton's Punch Cards." He owns the largest personal collection of Patton material and memorabilia in the world and has studied the life, career, and philosophy of General Patton for decades. His website at "" is considered to be the best Patton reference on the internet.

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