The Acts of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey Under which the Essex County Park Commission is Organized

Essex County Park Commission, 1899 - 25 pagina's
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Pagina 17 - ... for his, her, or their own proper use, against the owner or owners thereof, and all claiming under him, her, or them, until such purchaser's term therein shall be fully complete and ended...
Pagina 12 - ... in the premises, to the said court, without unnecessary delay; and the same, on being so returned, shall be confirmed or again referred by the said court...
Pagina 23 - ... not exceeding fifty years, to bear interest at a rate not exceeding four per centum, payable semi-annually; such bonds shall not be sold or disposed of at less than their par value, and may be made payable at any place which the said board of chosen freeholders may determine, and they shall also determine the form of the bond; a sinking fund...
Pagina 3 - Said commissioners shall consider the advisability of laying out ample open spaces for the use of the public, in the towns and cities in the vicinity of Boston...
Pagina 5 - ... or secretary and such other officers and employees as it may deem necessary to carry out the purposes of this act; it may also determine the duties and compensation of such employees, and make all rules and regulations respecting the same.
Pagina 4 - ... and their successors are hereby created a body politic, with power to sue and be sued, to use a common seal and...
Pagina 20 - No building covering more than six hundred square feet shall be placed or allowed to remain on any such park ; and no street or way, and no steam or horse railroad, shall be laid out over any portion of a park located under this act, except at such places and in such manner as the board of park commissioners shall approve.
Pagina 4 - Commission," inserting the name of the county in and for which the commissioners are appointed. The commissioners first appointed under the provisions of this act in any county shall hold office respectively for the term of one, two and three years, as indicated and fixed in the order of appointment and all such commissioners, after the first appointment, shall be so appointed for the full term of three years ; vacancies in the said commission...
Pagina 5 - The commission shall keep a record of all its meetings and proceedings, contracts and accounts, and shall maintain a suitable office, where its maps, plans, documents, records and accounts shall be kept, subject to public inspection at such times and under such regulations as the commission shall determine.
Pagina 20 - Section 18 provides that any city having control of the parks or streets therein may transfer "the care, custody and control of any park, public place or street under Its care or control to the said board of park commissioners for the purposes of this act.

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