Therapeutic Practices in Yoruba Traditional Religions

Lap Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH KG, 2012 - 164 pagina's
The book "Therapeutic Practices in Yoruba Traditional Religion" is a book that is invaluable for every inquisitive student of traditional religions. This book deals with various method of healing in Yoruba religions but focuses more on herbal utilization. Today, herbal Medicine continues to flourish in both rural and urban centers due to the following reasons; high cost of western drugs, exorbitant medical bills and non-availability of good hospitals in some areas. The World Health Organization has given recognition to herbal medicine as an alternative medicine that can assist the orthodox medicine in its health care delivery. In a recent report from the WHO it is stated that 80% of the population in Africa and some 2/3 countries depends on traditional medicine for primary health care. Today, herbal medicine is becoming more lucrative and attractive form of traditional medicine, Christians and non-Christians alike engaged in it. Majority of people patronize the traditional and or alternative medical practitioner for therapeutic purposes. The traditional doctors today use the electronic media, newspapers and magazines to advertise their product.

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