Travels of Ali Bey: In Morocco, Tripoli, Cyprus, Egypt, Arabia, Syria and Turkey : Between the Years 1803 and 1807

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1816

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Pagina 189 - ... Providence, by a kind of miracle, had not preserved us. Half an hour had already elapsed since I had fallen senseless to the ground, (as I have since been told,) when, at some distance a considerable caravan, of more than two thousand souls, was seen to be advancing.
Pagina 74 - The demons who come here to bathe themselves at night.' On this topic they told me many ridiculous stories. As I have this long while declared war against the devil and all his earthly vicegerents, I had the satisfaction of employing in my bath some of these pails of water, and of thus depriving these poor devils of their entertainment. " Fez has an hospital which is very richly endowed, but it is used only for the treatment of lunatics.
Pagina 69 - Fez can boast of the singularity of having a covered place for women who may choose to participate in the public prayers. This is a circumstance unique and peculiar to this building ; for, as the Prophet has not assigned any place for women in his paradise, the Mahometans give them no places in the mosques, and have exempted them from the obligation of frequenting the public prayers.
Pagina 43 - Giving to Mungo Park all the credit which he deserves, we must say that there passes to Tombouctou, towards the west, another river, which as yet we do not know, and which these people confound with the great western Nile, or Joliba, discovered by Mungo Park, who indeed, declares that this river does not pass actually by Tombouctou. We must suppose that the Joliba makes at this spot a strange winding, which gives to the inhabitants of Morocco the opinion they express...
Pagina 74 - Fez has an hospital which is very richly endowed, and used only for the treatment of lunatics. It is very strange, that a great part of the funds to maintain this establishment has been bequeathed by the wills of various charitable testators for the express purpose of assisting and nursing sick cranes and storks, and of burying them when dead. They believe that the storks are men from some distant islands, who at certain seasons of the year take the shape of birds to come here; that they return again...
Pagina 12 - Christians have visited Mahometan countries, and travelled there with safety, by merely assuming their dress. But .I look upon the safety of their journey as almost impossible, unless they have •previously submitted to the rite I have been describing; because this is the first point enquired into when they see any strangers.
Pagina 188 - I stopt with three or four of my people to assist him. The little wet which was left in one of the leather budgets was squeezed out of it, and some drops of water poured into the poor man's mouth, but without any effect. I began to feel that my own strength was beginning to forsake me...
Pagina 189 - ... leaving the poor fellow behind. From this moment, others of my caravan began to drop successively, and there was no possibility of giving them any assistance ; they were abandoned to their unhappy destiny, as every one thought only of saving himself. Several mules with their burdens were left behind, and I found on my way, two of my trunks on the ground, without knowing what was become of the mules which had been carrying them ; the drivers had forsaken them as well as the care of my effects...
Pagina 267 - I cannot express how much I was affected at this kindness from the respectable old man. I tried to chide him for it, but the words died away on my lips. In this manner I concluded my visits of etiquette. The archbishop of Cyprus, an independent patriarch in the Greek church, is also the prince or supreme spiritual and temporal chief of the Greek nation in Cyprus. He is responsible to the Grand Seignior for the imports and operations of the Greeks of the island. But to avoid entering into the detail...

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