Virtual Addiction: Help for Netheads, Cyberfreaks, and Those who Love Them

New Harbinger, 1999 - 227 pagina's
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Those who spend hours on the Web, hanging out in chat rooms, or playing multi-user games may be suffering from the same behaviour problems as those of compulsive gamblers. This new book shows how those with this addiction can benefit from the internet without being consumed by it. David Greenfield's interest in internet addiction began when he found himself treating couples who were suffering from internet-related marital problems, such as real-life infidelity that began as an on-line affair. In Virtual Addiction Greenfield lists the 12 warning signs of internet abuse and suggests a variety of concrete steps that addicts can take to change their relationship with their computers. Chapters offer specific help for netheads who can't stop shopping on-line or who find themselves compulsively gambling (or trading stock). Greenfield also offers some thoughtful advice to help parents safeguard their children from x-rated web sites and cyber-predators.

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Over de auteur (1999)

David Greenfield is a psychologist and marriage and family therapist in Connecticut.

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