Scratching through the surface: Revisiting the archaeology of city and country in Crustumerium and north Latium Vetus between 850 and 300 BC

Barkhuis, 31 dec. 2020 - 262 pagina's
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This volume is the third in the series†Corollaria Crustumina aimed at the publication of conference proceedings, doctoral theses and specialist studies concerning the Latin settlement of Crustumerium (Rome) and its place in central Italian protohistory. It contains the dissertation that Jorn Seubers wrote and defended at the University of Groningen as part of the project "The People and the State. Material culture, social structure and political centralisation in central Italy (800-450 BC)". This detailed study of Crustumerium's urban and rural settlement dynamics, for which the author assembled all data from previous work while adding new landscape archaeological studies and sophisticated territorial and data analyses, elaborates a new scenario on the relation between the urban core and its countryside that is reviewed within the theoretical framework of the debate on early state formation and landscape archeological methodology.


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