The Eastern frontier of the Roman Empire: proceedings of a colloquium held at Ankara in September 1988, Volume 1

B.A.R., 1989 - 615 pagina's
Thirty-seven papers which were given at a colloquium held at Ankara in 1988. The contents are many and varied, written by some very distinguished contributors, but there is a string emphasis on military aspects and events in the area. The papers include: The events of 351-352 in Palestine- the last revolt against Rome? (M. Mor); The 4th century garrison of Arabia (S. T. Parker); The Jews between Rome and Parthia (U. Rappaport); A fortified site to the east of Malatya (V. Sevin and Z. Derin); Procopius and Antioch (L. M. Whitby); The Nabataean army (J. Bowsher); Roman responses to local conditions in Colchis (D. Braund); Roman policy in Transcaucasia from Pompey to Domitian (E. Dabrowa); Equestrian officers in the East (H. Devijver); The East as part of the wider Roman imperial frontier policy (N. Hodgson); Campaign preparations in late Roman-Persian warfare (A. D. Lee); Sapor before the walls of Amida (C. S. Lightfoot); The siege of Cremna (S. Mitchell).

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