of Upsal, 14. His conversation Wine, &c, its effects on digestion
with Queen Christiana, 16. An- considered, 68. Hurtful in the
other conversation with her Ma. dining-room, 69. Salutary af.
jesty, i8. Account of his re- ter supper, ib,
turn to England, and dangerous WINTHROP, Mr. his obf. on the
voyage, 20.

tranfit of Mercury in 1769, over
Whytt, late Dr. Robert, his obf.

the Sun, 413
on the use of bark in dysenteries, Woon, Thomas, account of his
&c. 183

aftonishing regimen, 262.
WILLIAMSON, Dr. his theory re- WRIGHTSON, Mr. his account of
lating to the use of comets, 338.

a case of canine madaeis, 256.
His account of the change of
climate observed in the middle
colonies of America, 347.

INDEX to the Remarkable Passages in the FOREIGN

Articles contained in the APPENDIX.


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tion on the absurdity of mortals F Autet, obf. relating to the na-


of a planet, on the hypothesis of
Pes, nation of, 505.

diffimilar meridians, 498.
ARTS published in the DANIEL, the historian, animad- .
French Hiftory of the Arts, 1768,

verted on, 541..,

DAUBENTON. M. his obf. on the

practice of housing sheep in win-

ter, 496,
ARK, decoction of, preferred Deity. See GIORY, See Ju-

to the simple powder, and the DEA.
extract, in the cure of fevers,

BEN-AĻ-BETIF, his curious ora-

ture and antiquity of, 530.
in ascribing glory to God, 534. FANATICISM, famous epigram on,
Bor DA, Chevalier de, his obi. on ib,
hydraulic machines, 500.


See Bark.
BOUHOURS, Father, his ridiculous FOLLY, difquifition concerning,
stories about St. Francis Xavier,


FRANKLIN, Dr. elegant compli-
BRABANT, Louis, his extraordi. ment paid to that gentlenian, as

nary deceptions, by the itrange the Father of Eleåricity, 552.
modulations of his voice, 514.


ELLERT, Mr, his folemn and

J pathetic declaration of the
{pirit of, grossly misrepre happiness derived to him from

che consolations of religion, 511.

GEOGRAPHY; the ignorance of

mankind, in relation to, plea-
ALEMBERT, M. his inqui- fantly exposed, 533. Hubnernya
ries concerring the motions book of exploded, ib.



sented, 559




Gille, M. St. a famous ventri- MONNIER, M. Le, his obs. on the

loquist, his curious exploits, 512. greatest inclination of the orbit GLORY, remarkable strictures on of the moon to the plane of the

the use of that term, as applied ecliptic, &c. 498.

to the Supreme Being, 534. MONT 1 ESQUIEU, See Women. GOVERNMENT, English, Voltaire's Moon. See MONNIER.

remarks on, 536. The forms Mother, influence of the passions of, in what respects borrowed and imaginations of, over the from the French, 5376

fetus, allerted, 542. Inftances

of the reality of, ib.
ISTORY, remarks on the cer-

, 539.


540. style POLYGAMY, , and manner of, 541.

531. Disadvantages of, "ib. HUBNER, his geography laughed at by Voltaire, 533.

ATURN, orbit of, M. de la I.

Lande's tables relating to, 494. OB, critical remarks relating to Sheep, wrong practice of the a passage in, 547,

French husbandmen, in boufing INOCULATION, of the small pox, these creatures in winter, 496. .

relating to the secret of, 546. SILK, curious experiment on the JUDEA, God of, prophanely re- art of dying with cochineal, presented, 559.



ACITUS, specimen of Bro. . on

cier's supplement to, 5273 the orbit of Saturn, 497. TARTAR, acid of. See LASSONE, Lassone, M. de, his experim. on Taste, remarks on, 535. the combination of the acid of TURK, his notable dispute with

a tartar with antimony, 495.

German, about polygamy, 53, LUXURY, necessity of, to render a country rich and powerful,

V. 508.

AN SWIETEN, his commen

tary on Boerhaave comM.

pleated, 552 'ACQUER, M. his account of VENTRILOQUIST, curious account

a capital discovery in the of one in France, 513. Of art of dying filk, 493.

another in Germany, 519. Prin MARALDI, M. his memoir on the ciples of ventriloquism investi

variation in the inclination of of the second satellite of Jupiter, VESPASIAN, Emperor. See Wo

&c. 496. MENGEN, Baron de, a famous VOLTAIRE, M. de, account of his

ventriloque, 518. His curious literary quarrels, with a liit of deceptions, 519

his antagonists, 507. His fentiMe SALA, the Consul, memoirs ments on a variety of subjects, of his life, 564

529, et jeg. His idea on a point




[ocr errors]

gated, ib.


of tafte, in poetry, contraverted, Famous question of their equality 535•

of genius with the men discussed,

524. The women of ancient W.

Greece defended, againf MonAnton, Henry, his adven- tesquieu, 530. Remarkable fie

tures, an imitation of Swift's delity of a Roman lady; with Gulliver, 503

her heroic answer to VespaWives, plurality of, advantages fian, ib.

and disadvantages of, 531. Women, Roman, panegyricon,

X. 523.

Their extraordinary at- AVERIUS, St. Francis, riditainments in science, &c. about culous legends concerning, the time of the Croisades, 523. 533•



ERRATA, in this VOLUME. P. 306. I. 9 from the bottom, for Aphrodiscenfis, r. Aphrodiscienfis. P. 313. 1. 14 from the bottom, for M. du Foy, r. M. du Fay. P. 345. par. 4. l. 4. for Philadelphia, r. Pensylvania. P. 379. 1. 17. after opposite, put a full point. P. 380. par. 2. 1. 3. for order, r. orders. P. 412. art. 33. add the price of the Grammar, viz. I s. Ibid. par. 2. of the same article, after adjective, place a fimicolon,

ERRATA in the APPENDIX. P. 499. 1. 6. for distance, r. diftant. P. 500. par. 2. 1. 10–11. for, and at the same time, r, but at the

same time. Ibid. I. the last, after mechanician, put a semicolon. P. 501. 1. 1—2. for, some particular and rare individual, r. some pare ticular, rare, and mortal individual.

The following sips are in the account of the Ventrilogue, P.


for when, r. 'where. P. 518. 1. 15. from the bottom, for genii, s. genie. P. 522. 1. 9. for Artuo, r. Artus.

513. 1.

[blocks in formation]
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