Com dedicatoria que supponho ser do proprio autor. Obra rara e muito curiosa como documento para a historia da Independencia das nações latino-americanas.

I vol. in-8., Londres, 1826.

855. The right of American slavery. By T. W. Hoit, of the St. Louis Literary and Philosophical Association. South and Western edition. First and second edition, 500.000 copies. For sale by the principal publishers throughout the Union. St. Louis, Ms. : Published by L. Bushnell. 1860.

Exemplar do opusculo hoje raro, que foi um dos brandões que atearam o incendio da guerra civil na União.

I vol. in-4., S. Luiz, 1860.

856. A journey in the back country. By Frederick Law Olmsted. New York Mason Brothers, 1860.

I vol. in-8., Nova York. 1860.

857 e 858. The cotton kingdom a traveller's observations on cotton and slavery in the American slave States. Based upon the former volumes of journeys and investigations by the same author. By Frederick Law Olmsted. Vols. I-II. New York: Published by Mason Brothers. London Sampson, Low, Son & Co., 1861.

2 vols. in-8., Nova York, 1861.

859. A journey in the seaboard slave States, with remarks on their economy, by Frederick Law Olmsted. New York: Published by Mason Brothers. 1863.

I vol. in-8., Nova York, 1863.

860. The poets and poetry of America. By Rufus Wilmot Griswold. Philadelphia. Moss. Brother & Co., 1860.

I vol. in-4.° com gravuras, Philadelphia, 1860.

861. Catalogue of the American books in the Library of the British Museum at Christmas MdcccLvi. By Henry Stevens. London. Printed by Charles Whittingham at the Chiswick Press for Henry Stevens. MdcccLxvi.

Obra rara e preciosa. O exemplar que offereço, alem da dedicatoria autographa do autor a Sir Anthony Panizzi, o celebre bibliothecario do Museu Britannico, leva uma carta do autor ao mesmo Panizzi, da qual se vê que a obra foi quasi toda impressa em 1857, tem a data de 1866, mas só foi distribuida em 1879.

1 vol. in-4.o, Londres, 1886.

862 e 863. The American conflict: A history of the great rebellion in the United States of America, 1860-'64: its causes, incidents, and results: intended to exibit especially its moral and political phases, with the drift and progress of American opinion respecting human slavery, from 1776 to the dose of the war for the Union. By Horace Greely. Hartford: Published by O. D. Case & Company. Chicago: Geo. & C. W. Shewood. 1865-1867.

Illustrada com retratos, gravados sobre aço, de generaes, estadistas e outros

homens emiuentes; vistas de logares de interesse historico; mappas, diagrammas de batalhas campaes, acções navaes, etc., tirados de fontes officiaes.

2 vols. in-4.o, Hartford, 1865-1867.

864 a 870. Miscellaneous and posthumous works of Henry Thomas Buckle, edited with a biographical notice by Helen Taylor. Vols. I-III. London. Longmans, Green, and Co. 1872.

History of civilization in England. By Henry Thomas Buckle. Vol. I. London: John W. Parker and Son. MDCCCLVIII. Vol. II. London: Parker, Son, and Bourn, 1861.

The life and writings of Henry Thomas Buckle, by Alfred Henry Hush. Vols. I-II. London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington. 1880.

Bellas edições das obras completas de H. T. Buckle.

7 vols. in-4.o, Londres, 1861-1880.

871 a 881. Collections of the New York Historical Society. Publication fund series. Vol. I. 1868. New York. Printed for the Society. MDCCCLXVIII.-Vol. II. 1869. New York. Idem. MDCCCLXX.-Vol. III. 1870. New York. Idem. MDCCCLXXI.— Vol. IV. 1871. New York. Idem. MDCCCLXXII.-Vol. V. 1872. New York. Idem. MDCCCLXXIII. -Vol. VI. 1873. New-York. Idem. MDCCCLXXIV.— Vol. VIII. 1875. New York. Idem. MDCCCLXXVI.-Vol. IX. 1876. New York. Idem. MDCCCLXXVII.-Vol. X. 1877-New York. Idem. MDCCCLVIII.— Vol. XI. 1878. New York. Idem. MDCCCLXXIX.—Vol. XII. 1879. New York. Idem. MDCCCLXXX.

11 vols. in-4.o, Nova York, 1868-1880.

882. The orator: a compendium of English cloquence... by a Barrister. Second edition. London: Alfred Thomas Crocker, 1868.

Este livro pertenceu ao finado senador F. Octaviano, cujo elegante modo de dizer foi formado no estudo dos grandes modelos oratorios.

1 vol. in-4.o, Londres, 1868.

883. The Southern States since the war. 1870-1. By Robert Somers. With map. London and New York: Macmillan and Co. 1871.

1 vol. in-4., Nova York, 1871.

884. De etymologici magni fontibus scripsit Otto Carnuth... Berolini. MDCCCLXXIII. Sumptibus Fratrum Borntraeger (E. Eggers).

I vol. in-4.o, Berlim, 1873.

885. Fair Lusitania. By Catherine Charlotte Lady Jackson. With twenty illustrations from photographs. London: Richard Bentley and Son... 1874.

1 vol. in-4. com gravuras, Londres, 1874.

886 a 897. History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic. By William H. Prescott. New and revised edition, with the author's

latest corrections and additions. Edited by John Foster Kirk. Vols. I-II. London. George Routledge and Sons, Broadway, Ludgate Hill, Glasgow and New York.

History of the conquest of Peru; with a preliminary view of the civilization of the Incas. By William H. Prescott. Idem. Idem. Vols. I-II. London. George Routledge and Sons, Broadway, Ludgate Hill, Glasgow and New York.

History of the conquest of Mexico, with a preliminary view of the ancient Mexican civilization, and the life of conqueror, Hernando Cortés. By William H. Prescott. Idem. Idem. Vols. I-II. London. George Routledge and Sons, Broadway, Ludgate Hill, Glasgow, Manchester, and New York.

History of the reign of Philip the Second, king of Spain. By William H. Prescott. Idem. Idem. Vols. I-III. London. George Routledge and Sons, Broadway, Ludgate Hill, New York.

History of the reign of Charles the Fifth, by William Robertson... with an account of the emperor's life after his abdication, by William H. Prescott. Vols. I-II. Idem.

Biographical and critical miscellanies. By William H. Prescott. Idem. Collecção das obras completas de W. H. Prescott, na sua melhor edição, a de


12 vols. in-4. com gravuras, Londres (1875).

898. Bosquejo historico de las revoluciones de Centro-America. Desde 1811 hasta 1834, escripto por Alejandro Marure. Tomo primero. Año de 1837. Guatemala, Tipografia de «El Progresso», 1877.

Unico tomo publicado.

1 vol. in-4.o, Guatemala, 1878.

899. White and black, the outcome of a visit to the United States, by Sir George Campbell... New York. R. Worthington, 1879.

I vol. in-4., Nova York, 1879.

900. Histoire de l'ornamentation des manuscrits par Ferdinand Denis, Conservateur-administrateur de la Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève. Paris, Librairie Ancienne et Moderne, Édouard Rouveyre. MDCCCLXXX. Impresso por Louis Perrin, em Lyon. Edição de 600 exemplares, ornada de 140 estampas e vinhetas, tiradas dos manuscriptos mais preciosos.

1 vol. in-4.o, Pariz, 1880.

901. William Lloyd Garrison and his times; or, sketches of the anti-slavery movement in America, and of the man who was its founder and moral leader. By Oliver Johnson. With an introduction by John G. Whittier. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Company. The Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1881.

1 vol. in-4. com estampas, Boston, 1881.

902. Lives and portraits of the presidents of the United States, from Washington to Arthur, the biographies by Evert A. Duyckinck, and the portraits by Alonzo Chappel, from original likenesses obtained from the most authentic sources, to which is added the Constitution of the United States; Washington's farewell address; fac-simile of the original document of the declaration of independence and names of the signers... New York: Henry J. Johnson, publisher (1881).

I vol. in-4. com 22 gravuras em aço, fac-similes, etc. Nova York, 1881.

903 e 904. Historia da America Central, desde el descubrimiento del pais por los españoles (1502) hasta su independencia de la España (1821), precedida de una «Noticia Histórica» relativa a las naciónes que habitaban la América Central á la llegada de los españoles, por D. José Milla. Guatemala. Establecimiento tipográfico de «El Progreso», 1882.

2 vols. in-4., Guatemala, 1879-1882.

905. Titles of the first books from the earliest presses established in different cities, towns, and monasteries in Europe, before the end of the fifteenth century, with brief notes upon their printers. Illustrated with reproductions of early types and first engravings of the printing press. By Rush C. Hawkins. New York: J. W. Bouton. London: B. Quaritch, MDCCCLXXXIV.

Exemplar n.o 176 da edição unica de 300 exemplares, impressa no mez de Maio de 1884.

1 vol. in-4.o com gravuras, Nova York, 1884.

906. Professional criminals of America, by Thomas Byrnes, Inspector of Police and Chief of Detectives New York City. «Pro bono publico». Cassell & Company, Limited. New York (1886).

1 vol. in-4.o, Nova York, 1886.

907. A year in Brazll, with notes on the abolition of slavery, the empire, religion, meteorology, natural history, etc., by Hastings Charles Dent... With ten full page illustrations and two maps. London. Kegan Paul, French & Co. 1886.

1 vol. in-4.o com photogravuras, Londres, 1886.

908. Pittsburgh's progres, industries, and resources. 1886. By George H. Thurston. Printed by A. A. Anderson & Son. Pittsburgh, Pa. 1 vol. in-4.o com estampas. Pittsburgh, 1886.

909 e 910. Three years of arctic service, an account of the Lady Franklin Bay expedition of 1881-84 and the attainment of the farthest North, by Adolphus W. Greely, Lieutenant U. S. Army, commanding the expedition. Vols. I-II. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1886.

2 vols. in-4. com muitas gravuras, Nova York, 1886.

911. Recollections of Mr. James Lenox of New York and the formation of his library by Henry Stevens of Vermont... London. Henry Stevens & Son. MDCCCLXXXVI..

Bella edição rara. Exemplar de grandes margens.

1 vol. in-8. com estampas, Londres, 1886.

912. The ancient cities of the New World. Being travels and explorations in Mexico and Central America from 1857-1882. By Désiré Charnay. With numerous illustrations. Translated from the French by J. Gonino and Helen S. Conant. London, Chapman and Hall, Limited, 1887..: 1 vol. in-4. com gravuras, Londres, 1887.

913 a 915. Instituciones de derecho civil patrio, escriptas por Fernando Cruz. Tomo I. 1882. Guatemala. Tipografia «El Progreso»-Tomo II. 1884. Guatemala. Tipografia «El Progreso»-Tomo III. 1888. Guatemala. Tipografia «La Union».

O St. Fernando Cruz, Ministro de Guatemala em Washington e Delegado á Conferencia Internacional Americana, é jurisconsulto de nota.

3 vols. in-4., Guatemala, 1882-1888.

916. Down the islands. A voyage to the Caribbees by William Agnew Paton, with illustrations from drawings by M. J. Burns. London, Kegan Paul, French & Co., 1888.

1 com gravuras, Londres, 1888.

917 e 918. Annual report of the operations of the U. S. Life-Saving Service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1886. Washington. Government Printing Office. 1887.

Annual report of the operations of the U. S. Life-Saving Service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1888. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1889.

2 vols. in-8. com gravuras, Washington, 1887-1889.

919 e 920. William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879. The story of his life told by his children. Vol. III. 1841-1860.-Vol. IV. 1861-1879. New York: The Century Co. 1889.

Complemento da obra cujos 2 primeiros volumes, sob n.° 765 e 766, offereci anteriormente á Bibliotheca Nacional.

2 vols. in-8.° com estampas, Nova York, 1889.

921. The blue book of the State of Wisconsin, compiled and published under the direction of Ernst G. Timme, Secretary of State. 1889.

1 vol. in-4. (Milwaukee), 1889.

922. The book printers, illustrators, and binders, from Gutenberg to the present time. By Henri Bouchot, of the National Library, Paris. With a treatise on the art of collecting and describing early printed books, and a Latin-English and English-Latin topographical index of the earliest printing places. Edited by H. Grevel. Containing one hundred

A. B.


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