The Military Forces of the Crown: Their Administration and Government, Volume 2


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Pagina 61 - Walled towns, stored arsenals and armories, goodly races of horse, chariots of war, elephants, ordnance, artillery, and the like; all this is but a sheep in a lion's skin except the breed and disposition of the people be stout and warlike; nay, number itself in armies importeth not much where the people is of weak courage; for, as Virgil saith, "It never troubles a wolf how many the sheep be.
Pagina 372 - And you are to observe and follow such orders and directions from time to time as you shall receive from this or a future Congress...
Pagina 155 - ... such as justices of the peace, for acts done by them in the exercise of their civil duty ; there the principal inquiry to be made, by a court of justice, is, how the heart stood ? And if there appears to be nothing wrong there, great latitude will be allowed for misapprehension or mistake. But on the other hand, if the heart is wrong — if cruelty, malice, and oppression appear to have occasioned, or aggravated the imprisonment or other injury complained of — they shall not cover themselves...
Pagina 143 - And whilst I am stating the obligation imposed by the law on every subject of the realm, I wish to observe that the law acknowledges no distinction in this respect between the soldier and the private individual. The soldier is still a citizen, lying under the same obligation, and invested with the same authority to preserve the peace of the king as any other subject.
Pagina 293 - Prize is altogether a creature of the Crown. No man has, or can have any interest, but what he takes as the mere gift of the Crown; beyond the extent of that gift he has nothing. This is the principle of law on the subject, and founded on the wisest reasons. The right of making War and Peace is exclusively in the Crown. The acquisitions of War belong to the Crown, and the disposal of these acquisitions may be of the utmost importance for the purposes both of War and Peace.
Pagina 476 - Before a person can avail himself of the defence, that he used a weapon in defence of his life, he must satisfy the jury that that defence was necessary ; that he did all he could to avoid it ; and that it was necessary, to protect his own life, or to protect himself from such serious bodily harm, as would give him a reasonable apprehension that his life was in immediate danger.
Pagina 365 - Let judges also remember, that Solomon's throne was supported by lions on both sides: let them be lions, but yet lions under the throne : being circumspect, that they do not check or oppose any points of sovereignty.
Pagina 757 - And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that no person shall be or be received as a lecturer, or permitted, suffered, or allowed to preach as a lecturer, or to preach or read any sermon or lecture in any church, chapel, or other place of public worship, within this realm of England, or the dominion of Wales and town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, unless he be first approved and thereunto licensed by the archbishop of the province or bishop of the diocese...

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